Sara’s “best paper” party

Sara won a price for best research publications of the year at the SIGA (Società Italiana di Genetica Agraria) conference 2012 held in Perugia. To celebrate her achievement she organized a pizza party for her colleagues.

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IGA on TV again!

A new project about Epigenetics has started at IGA. For a quick introduction on the EPIGEN project watch the video (skip to 16:17).

CNR (National Research Council of Italy), IGA Technology Services and IGA have organized a workshop within the EPIGEN project. Have a look to the “NGS & DATA ANALYSIS WORKSHOP 2012″ programme.

References: EPIGEN project website

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Was that a scientific baptism?

The two scared PhD students had only that question in mind…

The opinion poll is open!


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Get The Party Started

Our President, Elena, Giusi, Mara and Irena celebrated their birthday last Friday.  Party entertainment consisted of tasty food, funny presents and the piano player. Have a look at the video and at the pictures!








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Check it out!

An extra-terrestrial being came to visit us! His name is Fabio King Marroni. He tried to sabotage the lab but we stopped him just in time.

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